Student of the Month
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Student of the Month

Each month, Primero’s teachers, administration, and staff select students from the various grade levels to recognize as Students of the Month. Primero’s Students of the Month are selected based on outstanding attendance, stellar grades, and diligent work ethic. These students serve as role models for the student body and shine as examples of good character within the community. 



Samuel Hebb

Samuel Hebb is a six-year-old kindergartener at Primero. Samuel’s favorite subjects in school are art and recess, and in his free time, Samuel likes to play baseball, video games, and with his Gobby toy.

Hailey Hill

Hailey Hill is a seven-year-old first grade student at Primero. Hailey’s favorite subject is science, and in her free time, she likes to ride her horse Spirit and ride her four-wheeler.

Vicky Molina

Vicky Molina is a seven-year-old second grade student at Primero. Vicky’s favorite subject is science, and in her free time, she likes playing on her phone.

Joseph Martinez

Joseph Martinez is a nine-year-old third grade student at Primero. His favorite subject at school is math, because it challenges him. In his free time, Joseph likes to play video games or clean the house, and when he grows up, he wants to be in the military.

Izabella Rascon

Izabella Rascon is a ten-year-old fourth grade student at Primero. Izabella’s favorite subject in school is math, and in her free time, she likes exploring and creating art.

Kayden Olguin

Kayden Olguin is an eleven-year-old fifth-grader at Primero. Kayden’s favorite subject at Primero is language arts, and in his free time, Kayden likes to play volleyball and basketball.



Shelby Marsh

Shelby Marsh is a seventeen-year-old senior at Primero. Her favorite class is American Government. Shelby is involved in FBLA, cheerleading, volleyball, and track, and when not in school, she enjoys singing and listening to music. In the future, Shelby wants to be a teacher.

Hailey Harris

Hailey Harris is a sixteen-year-old junior at Primero. Her favorite class is English. Hailey is involved in Skills USA, volleyball, basketball, track, and National Honor Society at Primero, and when not in school, she enjoys horses, drawing, and reading.

Cale Sanford

Cale Sanford is a seventeen-year-old sophomore at Primero High School. His favorite class is English, and his hobbies include reading, working out, and writing poems.

Julenna Lopez

Julenna Lopez is a fourteen-year-old ninth grader at Primero High School. Julenna’s favorite subject is creative writing. Julenna’s is involved in basketball and Media Club at Primero, and in her free time she enjoys reading, drawing, writing, and listening to music.

Brooklynn Coley

Brooklynn Coley is a fourteen-year-old eighth grade student at Primero. Her favorite class is business. Brooklynn participates in volleyball and basketball, and in her free time she enjoys reading, collecting vinyl records, and painting.

Reannon Ferraro

Reannon Ferraro is a twelve-year-old seventh grade student at Primero. Her favorite class is P.E. Reannon is involved in volleyball, basketball, and Pep Band at Primero, and in her free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends Allensia and Jordan.

Elena Sandoval

Elena Sandoval is a twelve-year-old sixth grader at Primero. Her favorite subject is math. Elena is involved in volleyball and basketball Primero. Her hobbies and interests include doing a rubix cube and crocheting.

Pictures courtesy of Primero Yearbook Staff