Student of the Month
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Student of the Month

Each month, Primero’s teachers, administration, and staff select students from the various grade levels to recognize as Students of the Month. Primero’s Students of the Month are selected based on outstanding attendance, stellar grades, and diligent work ethic. These students serve as role models for the student body and shine as examples of good character within the community. 


STUDENT OF THE MONTH: September 2020








Primero Middle/High School Students of the Month September 2020


Jeffrey Robinson

Jeffrey Robinson is a seventeen-year-old senior at Primero.

His favorite subject is welding. At Primero, Jeffrey is involved in basketball, football,

track, baseball, wrestling, and the 1,000 pound club,

and his hobbies and interests include lifting, coaching, and learning.

Makayla Nash

Makayla Nash is a seventeen-year-old junior at Primero. Her favorite subjects are history and math.

Makayla is involved in cheerleading, volleyball, and yearbook. Her hobbies and interests include hiking, reading, writing, animals, and nature.

Louis Ossola

Louis Ossola is a sixteen-year-old sophomore at Primero High School.

His favorite classes are welding and autobody.

Louis is involved in SkillsUSA, and he is interested in becoming an EMT in the future.

Nevaeh Romero

Nevaeh Romero is a fifteen-year-old ninth grader at Primero High School. Her favorite subject is writing.

Nevaeh is involved in volleyball, basketball, and cheerleading. Her hobbies and interests include writing and cooking.

D’Angelo Bueno

D’Angelo Bueno is a fifteen-year-old eighth grade student at Primero.

His favorite class is social studies. He plays football at Primero,

and in his free time, D’Angelo enjoys fishing and playing games, as well as cars and trucks.

Gabe Sintas

Gabe Sintas is a twelve-year-old seventh grade student at Primero. His favorite class is math.

Gabe is involved in basketball and football, and in his free time he enjoys mechanical hobbies, such as fixing cars.

Diana Acuna

Diana Acuna is a twelve-year-old sixth grader at Primero. Her favorite subject is art.

Diana’s hobbies and interests include writing and reading by herself.

Pictures courtesy of Primero’s Yearbook staff.