Honor Roll / Student of the Month
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Honor Roll / Student of the Month



Each month, Primero’s teachers, administration, and staff select students from each grade level to recognize as Students of the Month. Primero’s Students of the Month are selected based on outstanding attendance, stellar grades, and diligent work ethic. These students serve as role models for the student body and shine as examples of good character within the community. 

April 2023





Danae Fransua is a twelve-year-old sixth grade student at Primero. Her favorite classes are math and social studies, and Danae participates in volleyball, basketball, and track at Primero. Her hobbies include playing basketball and being with friends and family.

Jonathan Torres is a thirteen-year-old seventh grade student at Primero. His favorite classes are music, art, and math. Jonathan is involved in Drama Club, Chess Club, and basketball at Primero, and in his free time he enjoys music (especially Ariana Grande, Nicki Minah, and Melanie Martinez), drawing, writing stories, vinyl records, Stitch, Pokemon, Scream, and reading the Bible. He is also a playwright.

Oliver Foote is a thirteen-year-old eighth grade student at Primero. His favorite class is social studies. Oliver is involved in gardening at Primero; in his free time, his hobbies include cooking, biking, and making games.


Isabela Maldonado is a fifteen-year-old freshman at Primero. Her favorite class is English. Isabela is involved in volleyball, basketball, FBLA, and Knowledge Bowl at Primero, and when not in school, she enjoys sports, watching movies, listening to music, and driving around.

Aedin Borja is a sixteen-year-old sophomore at Primero. His favorite class is trades. At Primero, Aedin is involved in Trinidad Explorer Post 1876, Knowledge Bowl, wrestling, Skills USA, Student Council, National Honor Society, and track. When not in school, he enjoys running, talking with his family, wrestling, listening to music, and watching movies.

Hannah Kinnison is a seventeen-year-old junior at Primero. Her favorite class is shop. Hannah is involved in Knowledge Bowl, Skills USA, National Honor Society, and volleyball at Primero, and when not in school, she enjoys welding, cooking, ranching, and mechanicing.

Klay Riggins is an eighteen-year-old senior at Primero. His favorite class is math. Klay is involved in National Honor Society, and when not in school, he enjoys video games, cards, spending time with family, building, and working.


Photos courtesy of Lifetouch Photography.