Activities Clubs
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Activities Clubs

Click the link to sign up for the bulldog run.


Bulldog Run May 2021 (1) Form

Primero Family Cooking

Mondays in the school cafeteria from 5-7 pm.

Call soon to reserve your date. Attend one or attend all!

You and your family will create the recipes at school and then you will receive the ingredients to take home and make again!

Click the link to see the delicious recipes that are on the menu!

Primero Family Cooking


APRIL 28 – MAY 13

The books are set up in the the conference room for students to browse and buy Or click the link to order online.


Family Art Day!

Come join the fun! Learn something new! Create something beautiful!

Grades K-5 and parents 1-2:30

Grades 6-12 and parents 3-4:30

There is no cost for the class. Space is limited so call the school to reserve your spot.